agentsWe are an international group of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors specializing in tax and legal issues for U.S persons living abroad. We carefully analyze each individuals tax situation in relation to the U.S tax code and devise a course of action in enabling each person to become tax compliant. In addition to being tax compliant, there are several tax credits such as the child tax credit which are available to U.S persons living abroad including refundable credits enabling the taxpayer to receive a refund.  Tax refunds are available for the past three years so even if you haven’t been filing returns by becoming compliant you may be able to receive a refund by late filing. The law gives taxpayers up to three years to file a past return and claim a refund. Millions of Americans fail to file a return even though they are eligible for a refund. If you have not filed a return don’t delay. Call us now in order for us to review your situation to see if you qualify for the child tax credit or other refundable credits..