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We are experienced attorneys and accountants specializing in business and tax law for U.S persons and U.S related persons and entities. We provide the highest standard of legal and tax advice for our clients.


We provide the highest standard of legal and tax advice for our clients. As our client, you will benefit from our experience in working with U.S. related individuals and entities in the area of U.S. citizenship, FATCA, Born in U.S.A, U.S. Green Card, U.S. residency, Foreign bank accounts,FBAR,U.S. citizenship relinquishment and related issues and problems. In the past few years many individuals recently discovered their U.S. citizenship and all the tax and reporting obligations which go along with it. Our goal is to help you minimize your tax and citizenship problems. We will make you tax compliant and you may even qualify for tax credits and refunds. The additional child tax credit is one common way to receive a cash tax refund if you have children. Contact us so we can analyze your situation to see if you qualify.

We are situated in Prague, Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. In connection with our legal and tax advice, we are able to answer your all your legal and tax questions and to devise for you a timely and efficient solution to your problem and it is of utmost importance that we always have your financial interests in mind. If you have any of the above issues or problems please contact us and we are here to assist you in solving these issues.